Why I’m sad to see the Court of Angels go away

As many Disneyland fans already know, the beautiful Court of Angels in New Orleans Square at Disneyland was permanently closed to the public last month.

Here’s imagineer Herb Ryman’s design sketch of the magical spot:

Image © Disney

Image © Disney


This charming, quiet spot in the park will soon become part of a newly expanded Club 33, and will be open only to members of that highly exclusive club.

There have been a lot of discussions on the web about the closure of the Court of Angels, along with a lot of diehard fans like me voicing their sadness at the loss, and sending letters of concern to Guest Relations in Anaheim. Yes, I was one of them. Meanwhile, others wondered, “What’s the big deal?”

For a great summary of what some folks feel about all this, read these excellent articles here and here. I love the Disney Tourist Blog’s excellent photos and summary, as well as the video of Walt Disney himself opening the court to the public back in 1966.

But with all that said, here’s the real reason why I’m sad to see the Court of Angels go away:


This photo was taken in August, 1987. That’s my beautiful wife on our honeymoon. Where else would you possibly want to go on your honeymoon?


 This photo was taken in 2003. The older son here is now grown up and moved away. The little one shown here is now in junior high.


This photo was taken five years ago. This young boy is now high school age.





That’s us at our 25 year wedding anniversary trip.


And just last summer

The quiet spot was a perfect mix of immaculate details and theming, but for our family, it was also a spot to pause and record how time moves on, and families grow up. It was an annual spot of consistency in the midst of a lifetime of change.

This last month, my newly married son took his new bride on their honeymoon to Disneyland. Yes, we raised him well. But this is what greeted them at the entrance to the Court of Angels:


So, I guess this one family tradition is now gone. Goodbye, beautiful spot.




  1. Raegan Baker

    I agree with you. This just adds to my less than magical Disney trip last that ended yesterday. Let’s just say I spent a record low on souvenirs this trip. I estimate less than $30.

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